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Neo / Ipsum is a PowerPoint add-in for Windows that adds placeholder text to a presentation for the purpose of checking out a new template or testing your presentation design formatting.

Neo / Ipsum lets you go from this…


To this…


…in just 3 clicks of your mouse.

Included with Neo / Ipsum is the classic Lorem Ipsum set as well as several custom ‘ipsums’ I created. These are designed to be fun, even humorous, and completely different from the classic Lorem Ipsum text.

If you want a custom Ipsum of your own contact me and we can discuss it.  See below.

Custom Ipsums in this release include:

Classic – Lorem Ipsum fake Latin text

Comics – Comic book phrases and exclamations

Gaming – Related to electronic and board games

Hipster – 100% artisan crafted, trust-fund verbiage

Famous Final Words – Deathbed quotes

Science Fiction – Spaced-out, artificial intelligence

Sports – A home run of extra points efforts

But you’d really rather watch a video instead of reading all this text.  Hey look, a video.

So if you like what you see, you can download Neo / Ipsum for free.  Right here:

DOWNLOAD Neo / Ipsum For PowerPoint

DOWNLOAD Neo / Ipsum For Word

The Neo / Ipsum installer is distributed as a zip file.  After downloading, double-click the file to ‘unzip’ the installer.  Then double-click the installer (neoipsum.msi) to begin the install.  Follow the prompts from there.  Of course you knew that already if you watched the video.

Once installed, you’ll find a new command in PowerPoint’s Insert tab:Screenshot_021816_103341_AM