These are several examples of my writing styles most of them are from my reviews of games that  I wrote for the podcast Fanboy Planet.

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First review I wrote, written shortly after the games release.

By now you’ve probably heard about Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, or as most people call it, simplySkyrim. Like the Elder Scrolls entry Oblivion before it, Skyrim is one of the most popular games on the market right now.

Cool free online game I have played for a while now.

The fantasy land of Valoran is composed of warring factions who each called on devastating magic to destroy their opposition. However, this unchecked use of magic caused almost irreversible damage to the world.

In response to this the League of Legends was formed. Located at the institute of war, directly between the two strongest factions, the League oversees all disputes in matches on specially made fields of justice. In this way the land is not further threatened by dangerous magic, full-scale wars are almost a thing of the past, and some measure of peace is restored to the world.

Couple cheap iOS games. Wrote this as a “get your Avengers fix” around the time the Avengers movie came out.

If you’re like me, watching the new movie made you want to play some games with these characters.  Strapped for money? Not all video games will set you back $50.Try turning to the inexpensive IOS market and you’ll find two Marvel Superhero games for only a dollar each – though Apple does say they’re going up to $3 a piece soon.

Review of XBOX 360 version of the Darksider’s sequel, an action platformer where you play as Death.

The first description I heard of Darksiders was Legend of Zeldameets God of War. I never played number one, but I have to say that number two lives up to that description and then some. It takes the dungeon progression, puzzles, slight open world feel, and dungeon tools (such as the hookshot) from Legend of Zelda, takes the combat of God of War, and then adds loot from theDiablo series and melds them all together. If I haven’t gotten your attention yet maybe I should mention that you get to play as Death, a Horseman of the Apocalypse.

Other Writing

A research paper I did at Cogswell Polytechnic about the trading card game Magic: the Gathering

The time is morning, early enough that the birds have not even begun to stir. The place is the edge of a forest, a rocky clearing opposite. Suddenly a ring of fire appears in the clearing; it grows into a six foot tall pillar and then begins to fade. As it fades a hooded figure stands for a moment and then marches towards the forest. As the figure approaches the forest a large savage looking man with an ax on his back appears from the forest. “What do you seek here walker?” the wild man asks. The figure drops its hood revealing an undeniably female face and flowing brown hair, “What I seek is none of your concern, leave me be and no harm will befall you” the woman says. The wild man shakes his head disappointedly, “Then I cannot let you pass.” The wild man raises his hand and a rhino charges at the woman from the forest. She simply smirks and the rhino is engulfed in flame. Her hair is now glowing red like fire, power coursing through her. Raising her hands she summons her army of elementals, fire dancing across her fingers, ready to burn all that stands in her way. The wild man snarls, drawing the power of the forest in to him, as he pulls the ax from his back and charges, soon followed by swarms of ferocious forest creatures including sixteen-foot-tall behemoths. So begins a duel of Planeswalkers.