Boss Design

Up until this point I have been making bosses that have three “stages.” When the boss reaches 2/3rd and 1/3rd of its HP it changes the attack pattern it uses. I am now trying out a new boss that randomly rotates between several smaller attack types.

The first two bosses are each represented by boxes and have no particular apparent fire points. This new boss will have more form and more clearly defined fire points. The first of these is a round protrusion in the front that fires in an arc sometimes targeting the player and sometimes at random. The second point is a long barrel on one side of the boss, this  point alternates between a small burst at low fire rate and a laser that remains on screen for several seconds. The third fire point is wider and shorter than the laser barrel and is on the other side of the boss, this barrel fires either a near constant stream of bullets or homing rockets.

This new boss will change pattern based on HP but instead rotate through its attacks in a slightly randomized pattern.