Sounds Effects

One thing almost no game can go without is sound effects. And my game is no different… but where do you get those effects? For some things the answer is simplicity itself and others take a bit more creativity.

First up was determining what needed sound effects. My basic first list was: changing level, new puzzles, restarting puzzles, and pressing a play area button. And the last shall be first, for I instantly knew what I wanted to do for the play area buttons, a simple click sound. But where to get it? I could look around online and get a sound generating program or look for free to use sound effects, but I had a better idea. I simply went into my room, pulled up my phone’s recorder app, and recorded flipping the light switch. Transfer the file to my computer, clean up the file format a bit, and presto I have a simple clean clicking sound for my game.

But that left a few other sound effects, and no real easy things I could record to get an sound for them. Which is where I go back to something I mentioned before: a program that makes sound effects. After a bunch of fiddling with that program (random generation within a genre and tweaking things here and there) I got the other sounds I am now using for my game. However I am thinking I might go back in and see if I can make new sounds, now that my theme is decided.