Updates and random thoughts

Heh, had a plan for an update schedule for this site… guess plans and this site don’t go along together that well.

So what’s been up with me? At a recent department meeting I was acknowledged by the leads of my department for doing a good job. To which my general response has been “I saw something to do, did it, kept doing it, and no one told me to stop”. The recognition came with a nice dinner with the leads and the other guy that was recognized. Other than that work has been largely the same with new faces showing up (Sometimes for not very long unfortunately) and some older faces leaving. I am getting trained in the next part of the job: Packaging. And it is repetitive, with the exact same physical movements over and over again. But at least during packaging I can chat with people more, look for the pluses.

Where is my programming work at? Just finished some contracting work for which I was writing add-ins for PowerPoint. These Add-ins did several things such as, find and replace specified Tags, and fixed bugs with headers and footers between versions of powerpoint. And right now I am working on another project.

Hopefully I will make these posts more often from now on, but we all know how that promise went in the past. So see you when I see you.