Why Lights Out?

Today I will talk about why I choose to take on making a lights out style game, and it starts (ironically) with an entirely different type of game. That game is 2048, or any or its derivative games (don’t remember what the first one was called). It was suggested to me to try and make a visually simple game that is easy to understand and can be ported to mobile. 2048 ticks all of these boxes. However I didn’t know how I would implement the mechanics of this game in my preferred engine: Unity. While thinking about Object interactions vs array driven interactions I remembered an old handheld game I used to play around with. That game was of course Lights Out. I realized it would be much simpler as it did not involve creating and destroying objects or much in the way of animation, while still being array driven and a bit object driven and giving me more experience that I might go back to 2084 with.