Bullet Hell: Developing the second Boss Day 1

Began development of the second boss for the bullet hell game (seriously need a better development name for it). The first stage of this boss involves the boss itself sitting in the center of the screen and shooting projectiles in four “walls” that the player has to avoid while firing at the boss.

Initially the design was fairly simple and straightforward. When the boss fires another set of projectiles for the wall it spawns a game object (henceforth called the bullet holder) on top of itself that contains four bullets that move outwards.

When I got the basics for this down I added rotation to the Bullet holder so that the bullets would seem to be in a straight line from the Boss instead of looking like a whip.

At first this caused some strange results until I realized one of my other scripts that was designed to keep the bullets moving along with the scene was causing the groups to go off in different directions.

With that fixed I found one more strangeness. When I got the bullets going in a “straight” line they would eventually turn back on there path because of the rotation. Not sure about  the physics/geometry causing this but it is a strange effect to see.


So in short I have most of the first stage of the level two boss working with a few questions for my boss designer and two more stages to go.