Finishing set up

I recently got a new Laptop to replace both my old laptop and my desktop and I am happy with it. Today I finished my desk setup for it by setting up the extra monitor and it feels good. I have never had more than one monitor before but switching between the two feels natural.

For those of you that know me you know that I needed this upgrade my two old computers had the nicknames ¬†coal-powered toaster oven (for the laptop) and Lunchbox (for the mac mini). Cogswell’s game club hosts LAN parties and a specific person (no names but his nickname is one percent) was infuriated that my gaming rig was a mac mini. It was actually rather funny. First time I brought it I just had to look at him and go “You mad?” His response? “Just a bit, yeah.”

Rest in peace lunch box and toaster you won’t be missed.