Everything for my game has been put together and I have a build but I have one last step before I consider it to be complete. Balancing. And for balancing I need play-testers. Those that are heavily involved in the development of the game can be some of the worst play-testers for multiple reasons. The first is because they are invested in the project and don’t want anything to change. The second reason is because they know how it works, or at least how it is supposed to work, this means that intentional surprises don’t catch the tester off guard and things that aren’t supposed to be surprises can come in unexpectedly. It also means that an invested tester might overlook something that feels weird or could work better.

The problem is that I need people to test the game. I have a few neighbors that I can have test it but the groups I want to test it have significantly different daily schedules than me and can be unreliable about weekly events we all attend. Tomorrow’s schedule is to try and get those in my neighborhood to try my game and then to see about the groups that gather at Cogswell on Fridays: The Game Development club and Friday Night Magic.