Play testing is harder than I thought

So my plan of going out to Cogswell and getting my buddies to play my game didn’t work very well. There were far too many distractions for the tester to focus on my game and the unscheduled nature of it made it difficult to get people to test it.

But even with these difficulties I learned some things. First about my game. I need some instructional text on the main menu for how to play. The auto-fire has a worse feed-back than holding a fire button. I either need to lower player damage or reduce number of projectiles. Delay between death and re-spawn is too long.

Now for what I learned about play-testing. First you need to plan ahead with the people you want to test your game, let them know so that they can be ready and put some time aside for it. Second do the testing in as sterile an environment as possible.