Returning to Posting

Okay, here we are again. THIS time I am going to try something a little new, at least to me. In the past I have tried to set myself a strict schedule and stick to it, but as with many strict things such a schedule was brittle and once broken was hard to keep going. I have come to realize (from similar experiences in other things) that part of this is my having preconceived notions of “how this is supposed to be done”. And if I couldn’t do them that way I must be failing and better to run away.

But then, when talking to someone about one of those similar activities, I said “Wait… I can do that?!” because it had honestly not occurred to me that I could change the schedule of when an event should take place. In my mind it always took place at a specific time, and to deviate from that was to do it wrong. But now with this new understanding I can be much loser about things.

Long story short: hopefully this time I will have made the changes I need to so that I can actually keep posting here. The main two being this: one I am going to post about work on Fridays and two I will also allow myself to post whenever I want about whatever I want if I feel like it.