Returning to Posting

Okay, here we are again. THIS time I am going to try something a little new, at least to me. In the past I have tried to set myself a strict schedule and stick to it, but as with many strict things such a schedule was brittle and once broken was hard to keep going. I have come to realize (from similar experiences in other things) that part of this is my having preconceived notions of “how this is supposed to be done”. And if I couldn’t do them that way I must be failing and better to run away.

But then, when talking to someone about one of those similar activities, I said “Wait… I can do that?!” because it had honestly not occurred to me that I could change the schedule of when an event should take place. In my mind it always took place at a specific time, and to deviate from that was to do it wrong. But now with this new understanding I can be much loser about things.

Long story short: hopefully this time I will have made the changes I need to so that I can actually keep posting here. The main two being this: one I am going to post about work on Fridays and two I will also allow myself to post whenever I want about whatever I want if I feel like it.

Neo / Ipsum For Word

Neo / Ipsum for Word is officially released!

After making Neo / Ipsum for PowerPoint I decided to look in to adapting it for Word. After some initial stumbles regarding differences between VBA for PowerPoint and VBA for Word adapting the Add-In was fairly simple.



Neo / Ipsum for Word gives you a button that adds filler text to a Word document at your cursor location. Options include: number of sections, a customizable random number of paragraphs per section, number of lines per paragraph, and if titles appear at the start of sections.

Download Neo / Ipsum for Word

If you have any feedback please send it to me, if you find a bug please notify me ASAP, if you just want to say “Hi” feel free.

Quick Notification

There was a bug with Neo / Ipsum release 1.0.5 that has since been rectified. This was brought to my attention by a user and rectified as soon as I realised what was going on. Simple fix based on a simple oversight.

If anyone is having problems with Neo / Ipsum don’t hesitate to bring it to my attention. I am more than happy to help.

And if you just want to say “Hi” that is appreciated too.

Neo/Ipsum is almost ready

I almost have Neo/Ipsum ready for distribution. The coding is about 95% done with a few more things to do for security, but all of the functionality is in. I also have a Demo version almost ready, I need a little time to review the changes between the versions but it should be ready at the same time as the full version if not sooner. After the coding things I have left to do I have a few things to figure out as far as selling the product but I have some good leads and better contacts for figuring it out.

Since it occurs to me I haven’t shown off what it looks like here are some screen shots of the program’s interface.


Almost Ready to Unveil Neo/Ipsum

As the title says Neo/Ipsum is almost ready for release, just have a few more visual iterations, bug checks, and the like and it should be ready. In the mean time I have a page on my site describing Neo/Ipsum (and Lorem Ipsums in general). The page will be under the Projects tab along with my Games, Artwork, and Writings or you can find it here.

New Year, New Site

Its a new year and its time to overhaul my web site. Here are the things I know I need to do:

Overall design: Need a new visual scheme; new background, new font, text colors, Those kinds of things

Front page: I need two main things here, First is an about me statement and second is a picture of me. The site is supposed to be about me and has no picture of me? How did I miss that?

Reworking my resume.

getting screenshots for all of my videos and better descriptions about the design process for each game.

Changing the layouts of the animation and art pages.

New layout of my writings with small exerts from each.

Overhaul of my linkedin profile.

And finally I need to do more tweeting about my work (and in general really).