More work at work and beyond

Been a while since I posted here. Time to try and fix that again.

I have been working on a few programming jobs and continuing working at Channel Fireball. My programming work has mostly been contract work implementing smaller features for clients, mostly things that took a one or two hours (mostly looking up a new command or tweaking numbers). I have been working on a larger program called the anonomizer. It is similar to Neo Ipsum in that it inserts garbage text to see formatting styles, but instead of filling empty text boxes it replaces all existing text. It also forces you to save a new version of your project as a bit of idiot proofing. And while I don’t have much I can tell people yet I might be getting some more contract work that could turn in to something more.

At Channel Fireball things are also going well, progressing in my packaging training (almost to the point where I am trained to do everything in the packager role). But I also have an extra project that I am working on for the company: PROGRAMMING! Won’t go in to specifics but my bosses found outĀ  I could program and said “here are someĀ  things that need to be integrated/fixed in our current macros. Can you work on this.” So more paid programming work!