New Project

Working on a new game idea.

It started with the simple desire to make a 3D platformter. I had made a 2D platformer before but when I looked back at the games I have made they can all be categorized as 2D. So it was time to make something in 3D for once and platformer is a simple genre, if not an easy one.

While I was brainstorming I thought of a mechanic for this game where you toggle blocks on and off allowing you to progress through the level. I am tying the toggle to targets the player must shoot and that allowed for some more types of interactions with the targets. First you have the straight forward shot that moves at a reasonable rate. The second shot is bounce and moves at about the same speed as the first but can be used to shot around corners and other trick shots. the third shot is a slow shot that can be used to cause a delayed toggle.

More news on this game to come.

Mad Science!

This week I finished putting together the first playable for my board game titled Minions and Mayhem.

I hand wrote all of the 200+ cards for this version (not doing that again). As a result I was driven slightly more insane than usual.

Now I need some test subjects… I mean volunteers to play it with. However while I was writing out the cards I found some holes in the rules that I need to iron out first.