Update on Updating Older Projects

I have gotten Zombie Tag to a point I am happy with and have updated the download link on my website. Additionally I made a small tweak to my Top Down Shooter game and have also put it up. Link to the page: https://justinbret.com/GameProjects.htm

I am now working on some finishing touches to my Magic Life Counter android app. The two things I am working on are making it so that changing between the life counter activity and the dice roller activity does not reset the life counters. And adding some basic graphics to the App (backgrounds mostly).

Reworking Old Projects

Along with reworking the functionality of the Zombie Tag game I am also streamlining the project folder to contain ONLY the Zombie Tag game. Let me explain, originally I created Project Playground as a way for me to experiment with ideas and the A* Pathfinding system. In this project I made a game of tag and dodge ball, then I made zombie tag. Zombie tag is the one I took the farthest but it never got its own unity project folder, now I made a copy of the original and am removing the non-Zombie Tag elements. This also involves revamping the score system and redesigning the main menu.

Polishing Up Old Projects

I have decided to polish up some of my projects so that I can put them up on my web site in a presentable state.  I have started with my Zombie Tag game. What I hoped to do was to change the behavior of the zombies so that they would no longer clip through walls. Originally I was going to use AI Follow replacing AI Path to accomplish this but this had the side effect of making the zombies not reliably collide with the player and the “humans”. I believe I have fixed the problem with the AI Path version of the game and will be looking in to the  differences between AI Path and AI Follow.

Additionally I will be changing the High Score system so that it is based on time survived + points for acquiring drops from the level. the time limit will also be removed so that the zombies will be the only way to lose the level. Finally I am considering spawning in additional zombies beyond the ones created by zombies contacting “Humans”.