Main Menu!

I have a main menu for the Bullet Hell game! Only took me long enough. linking the scenes together is not all that hard but does require setting up other scripts so that relevant data can be transferred forward from level to level. Data that needs to persist includes player stats (lives, weapon upgrades) and score. when I have a score system working I will start making score screens between levels and implement the lives system.

Cleaning up scripts

Wanted to put some death effects on my basic enemies and re-add the decay timer for the chasers today. The problem is that when I started putting it in I found that several of the scripts on the chaser would be contradicting each other if I made the changes.

The solution was simple: take what I needed from the three scripts and make one specialized script for my chasers. This does mean that I will have to go back in and remove the now redundant scripts from my folders, but I needed to better organize them anyway.

Second Boss Basically Done

The 3 stages of the second boss are complete. Next up are balancing the second boss (fire rate, number of projectiles, movement speed) and creating the second stage. Also a couple of the boss stages are a little lackluster and may need to be “upgraded” so I am going  to talk to my boss designer about that.

Finishing set up

I recently got a new Laptop to replace both my old laptop and my desktop and I am happy with it. Today I finished my desk setup for it by setting up the extra monitor and it feels good. I have never had more than one monitor before but switching between the two feels natural.

For those of you that know me you know that I needed this upgrade my two old computers had the nicknames  coal-powered toaster oven (for the laptop) and Lunchbox (for the mac mini). Cogswell’s game club hosts LAN parties and a specific person (no names but his nickname is one percent) was infuriated that my gaming rig was a mac mini. It was actually rather funny. First time I brought it I just had to look at him and go “You mad?” His response? “Just a bit, yeah.”

Rest in peace lunch box and toaster you won’t be missed.

Bullet Hell: Developing the second Boss Day 1

Began development of the second boss for the bullet hell game (seriously need a better development name for it). The first stage of this boss involves the boss itself sitting in the center of the screen and shooting projectiles in four “walls” that the player has to avoid while firing at the boss.

Initially the design was fairly simple and straightforward. When the boss fires another set of projectiles for the wall it spawns a game object (henceforth called the bullet holder) on top of itself that contains four bullets that move outwards.

When I got the basics for this down I added rotation to the Bullet holder so that the bullets would seem to be in a straight line from the Boss instead of looking like a whip.

At first this caused some strange results until I realized one of my other scripts that was designed to keep the bullets moving along with the scene was causing the groups to go off in different directions.

With that fixed I found one more strangeness. When I got the bullets going in a “straight” line they would eventually turn back on there path because of the rotation. Not sure about  the physics/geometry causing this but it is a strange effect to see.


So in short I have most of the first stage of the level two boss working with a few questions for my boss designer and two more stages to go.