Check boxes are just cool buttons

Got through a few more tutorials today covering check boxes and radio buttons. The basics are that these are buttons designed for toggle states of off or on. Check boxes allow you to select multiple options while radio buttons only allow one selection per group. But as with other buttons the functionality is all determined by the programmer. Probably the most common use for these types of buttons is to make multiple choice selections, but I see no reason they couldn’t do anything a normal button couldn’t do.

Self Reflection and Revaluation

I have been working on a life counter app for the last week or two as a learning exercise and have learned a great deal so far. However I have been learning things in a somewhat random order and parts of the project have been put together with the digital equivalent of duct tape and a prayer. So I have decided to start another “project” of following some tutorials I have found and learning from them. I will be continuing work on the Life Counter but it will not be my main focus. My main focus will be learning android development from the ground up.

One of the reasons I have come to this decision is that I was working on making the dice roller part of the app in to its own activity and I succeeded at this and adding a “up” navigation functionality but discovered that upon returning to the main part of the app the any changes to the life counts was lost and they reset to twenty. If I was working in Unity I could fix this very simply by storing the data in a script I would make in an instantiate scene and then reference in other scenes. But I am unsure of how to fix it in android studio. As such I am going to learn all I can.

Recent Activity? Learning Activities

I have the bare bones of a Magic life counter app and now I am slowly learning new things to add more features to it. The first thing I am learning is how to use multiple activities so that I can have the Dice roller function be its own screen. This will save screen space and allow me to do fancier things with the Dice Rolling/Coin Flip.

I am also considering starting up some reviews on the blog. Reviews of what? Whatever I want! Web comics, video games, food, tv shows, basically anything I find interesting.

This Last Week

For this last week I have been starting development of my first android app, a simple magic life counter. Last week was lots of frustration as I was learning a new development tool (android studio) and how to code for android apps. Lots of frustration simply getting the system set up so that I could test apps because I wasn’t sure if I had missed a step, had written bad code, or something else. Turns out it was mostly part three with a little bit of part two. I had accidentally deleted a part of the project that I needed and didn’t realize that java functions that communicated with the xml file needed to pass a View variable. With those two problems out of my way I have managed to create the bare bones of my project and am moving on to other parts of app design now that i have the basics.