I HAVE FIRE! Bullet Hell update

So all of yesterday I was struggling with how to implement a fire attack in to the Bullet Hell game. The basics of the attack would be that it floated in front of the player for a few seconds dealing damage over time to whatever it hit. The two problems were that when I spawned in the fire I couldn’t get it to follow the player and it would deal damage in a spastic and unpredictable way. I struggled with it all day and today after one thought I solved it……. in about 5 minutes. If I had started from scratch for the fire scripts and such it would have taken me about 20-30 minutes, mostly writing scripts I had done in my head……

The idea was a simple one, one that I had already half implemented in another part of the game and fully in another project. Rather than spawning in the fire when I used it instead I would toggle the renderer and collider of the fire when it was in use and when if wasn’t. Both problems fixed. deals damage as I want it to, moves with the player, does exactly what I want it to.


So in short: Yesterday I got a flint and steel and wondered why I couldn’t light anything on fire, Today I realized I could just use this convenient flame thrower instead. FIRE IS WORKING I AM SOOOO HAPPY NOW!

Bullet Hell Project

I was talking to a friend of mine this last week about games we wanted to develop. During the conversation he mentioned that he wanted to make a Bullet Hell game where you play as a dragon pillaging the country side. I thought about it and decided to try and implement the basic elements of a Bullet Hell game (character movement within a camera space, enemies, different fire modes, auto forward progression through the level, etc.). When I told my friend about what I had done he was excited. And so the two of us along with another of our friends (and hopefully a few others) have decided to further design and implement this game.